Wednesday, June 29, 2011

July Widescreen Desktop

July is my MOST favorite month!!  I absolutely love America and love that I have a birthday in the same month as our country.  I love to decorate in Americana and I am so excited for this month's desktop theme.  Check out the post below this one as well ... more America!   There was a blog hop this month from Jessica Sprague's CT that was only for a week, but it was so fun and I loved their kits.  The elements and papers are from their kits.  Check out their shops.

Click Here if you want the desktop with the .png file with the option to add your own picture or click Here for the desktop without the picture. (You can also click on the preview's to get a direct download.)

I hope you enjoy them!  Let me know if you do ... or don't.  Either way.

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