Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Digital Conversion

Persnickety Prints: My Digital Conversion: "Did you start scrapbooking with paper and scissors? Are you still?I started in 1995, all thanks to my mother. Here are my Scrap Books, hand..."

You can read more about Chari's Digital Conversion by following the link above.  My conversion was very similar to hers.

My mom had a photo album for each of us kids that she made when I was in 6th grade or so.  Maybe earlier.  It was the kind with the plastic that you had to peal up and then stick back down on the pictures.  It would yellow and become unsticky as time went on.  I still have it though!

I continued to put pictures in that album and then started my own albums throughout Junior High and then in 1993 I did a Laurel Project for my Church's Young Women Youth group scrapbooking my high school years.  It definitely was "elementary" and had some stickers and journaling and free hand cuts of paper mats ... etc.  I continued on throughout college with the 8 1/2 x 11 binders and sheet protectors.  They were the coolest thing!  So much better than the sticky plastic.

After I got married, I would scrapbook with my Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law's on Sunday's and our layouts got a bit more advanced.  We had animals that we could trace and cut out and were very excited when we got a Sizzix (tm).  Then my Mother-in-law had a Stampin' Up! party in 2003 at her house and soon one of my Sister-in-law's joined up to be a demonstrator.  I thought that was so fun and I LOVED their products and joined up too.  This is when I finally converted to 12x12 pages ... and had to have a complete room devoted to my supplies.  It was such a blast and I learned so much about scrapbooking, layouts, color, and designing.

In 2007, my Sister-in-law decided to follow her passion with photography and has her own professional photography business.  A year later, in 2008 I decided to look into digital scrapbooking and bought Photoshop Elements 6.  I began to read and find all kinds of tutorials and am now totally turned over to Digital Scrapbooking!  I absolutely LOVE it!  I still have supplies and product for traditional scrapbooking and still go to some Stampin' Up! classes. (Because I still have pictures that I printed in 2007 & before that aren't put on pages) But I have all of my pictures digitally scrapbooked from 2008 to 2010.  I only have a few pages that I need to do for 2011 and I will be caught up.  I now use Photoshop Elements 8 and teach classes.  I'm so glad that I went Digital.  I love how mess free it is, how I save SO much money, and how many pages I can get done in a day.  Like Chari from Persnickety said ... a trip equals 10 pages or so.  I love it!!

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