Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sad day for some ...

In a way fire can be a renewal, a fresh start ... Out with the old and in with the new. To some that is how they felt. To others it is sad to see something they love go. I think this house has a few of those emotions mixed together for a lot of us.

In photography it seems that old or vintage gives a lasting impression for photos. An emotion that is surreal and romantic. For this location, it is now one of the past and will be greatly missed.

Here is one link of pictures from this location by Paisley Studios:


And here is a picture by Kayla Evans at Paisley Studios


  1. Not going to lie, you just made me cry!!!! I love to photograph the beauty of old homes. The stories they help tell in a picture. Everytime that I am in them, I love to think about the memories of families there. :'( ML, I am so glad that you were there with me when I last walked into that AMAZING home a month ago. Thanks for capturing its last moments. You got some awesome pictures during the sad moment.

  2. You said it just how I was trying to. That's just it ... the history of them and what life was like "way back when" and trying to capture that in the modern day photographs! I'm glad I was able to capture this house's last days as well!

  3. [...] is a quick picture of George’s burning. (Picture by MaryLynn [...]


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